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The smart and affordable option.

Finding good overlays and effects for your Photoshop artwork isn't always easy. This relatable frustration moved me to create for you the ideal pack of graphics you need!

For an affordable price, you can get your hands on Optics+, a complete overlay library containing everything you need to give your edits that final touch. Including 250 items, this pack offers a wide range of variety. All assets are 5000*5000 pixels and come in .PNG format for the highest possible quality.

collection small.jpg

What you get

This package contains a few different categories of elements. You will find the following:

• Lens Flares (62 pcs)

• Light Rays (32 pcs)

• Underwater Particles (42 pcs)

• Dust Particles (12 pcs)

• Snow (25 pcs)

• Rain (25 pcs)

• Lightning (14 pcs)

• Artificial Embers (16 pcs)

• Stars (12 pcs)

• Combo Presets (10 pcs)

Used by the creator

I myself use the assets from this pack in my artwork. You'll see me using these overlays on my channel quite often as they're the perfect fit for the kind of edits and art I make.

Unsure how to use Optics+ to it's full potential? Be sure to check out the video via the button below in which I give an overview and quick tutorial on how best to use them. 


Real life particles

I'm particularly proud of the unique underwater particles collection that's present in Optics+. Rather than digital rendering, these particles were shot in real life using a DSLR camera. This gives the assets an authentic look and feel. 

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