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My name is Benjamin

I'm a 22 year old digital artist and YouTuber from the Netherlands. On my channel I produce content about my Photoshop edits and artwork. I love involving my audience in my craft, and I always try to come up with new and entertaining ideas!

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Not a teacher

My goal as a creator is not to teach. Many visual artists on the internet make educational content about their profession. I however strictly do this to entertain and inspire. I enjoy making videos the way I make them, and I don't intend to change that any time soon! Besides, there's already so much educational content out there. An opportunity to learn is always there for those looking for it.

YouTube channel

In my YouTube videos I often do things like challenges, turning my viewers' drawings into realistic versions, editing their photos, or remaking posters from existing movies or shows. Sometimes I turn myself into an existing fictional character, often requested by viewers. Most of my work is inspired by pop-culture and media. I love movies and this is a big hobby of mine.

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Benny Productions Studio,

The Netherlands

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