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Who the heck am I, what are my goals in life and why do I make the stuff I make.


The beginning
My name is Benjamin van Valen and I’m 19 years old. I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands and I studied Graphic design here. Before my education, I’ve always been creating, but not just photo-editing. I made digital music, video’s, photo’s, I even did dancing, I played the Piano, drums all kinds of stuff.

You see, I’ve always been busy doing creative stuff in my free time. However, I didn’t know Photoshop. Or… well, I knew it, I just didn’t like it all that much. However, two years ago I started my study and got pushed to work with Adobe Photoshop. After one hour of doing random stuff, I absolutely fell in love with it. Sadly, they didn’t teach me a lot about Photoshop. That’s why I started learning myself, just by using it a LOT! I opened a new Instagram account, started a YouTube channel, and then all this happened!

What I do

I'm a Graphic Designer and Digital Artist who makes entertaining YouTube videos. On my channel I do things like Editing your photos, 'Realistifying' your Drawings, unique challenges, editing races, and so much more!

My destination
All I want is to inspire and entertain people. I never saw myself as a teacher, and I probably never will. Maybe because I don't have the patience, and maybe because I just don't like it.

I just want to show you how much fun it is to use Photoshop and create digital art. Not only that, I mostly wanna entertain you. I wanna bring out the ''Wow'', and sometimes just a simple laugh.