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Who the heck am I, what are my goals in life and why do I make the stuff I make.


The beginning
My name is Benjamin van Valen and I’m 20 years old. I live in Utrecht, the Netherlands and I studied Graphic design here. Before my education, I’ve always been creating, but not just photo-editing. I made digital music, video’s, photo’s, I even did dancing, I played the Piano, drums all kinds of stuff.

You see, I’ve always been busy doing creative stuff in my free time. However, I didn’t know Photoshop. Or… well, I knew it, I just didn’t like it all that much. However, two years ago I started my study and got pushed to work with Adobe Photoshop. After one hour of doing random stuff, I absolutely fell in love with it. Sadly, they didn’t teach me a lot about Photoshop. That’s why I started learning myself, just by using it a LOT! I opened a new Instagram account, started a YouTube channel, and then all this happened!

What I do

I'm a Graphic Designer and Digital Artist who makes entertaining YouTube videos. On my channel I do things like Editing your photos, 'Realistifying' your Drawings, unique challenges, editing races, and so much more!

My destination
All I want is to inspire and entertain people. I never saw myself as a teacher, and I probably never will. Maybe because I don't have the patience, and maybe because I just don't like it.

I just want to show you how much fun it is to use Photoshop and create digital art. Not only that, I mostly wanna entertain you. I wanna bring out the ''Wow'', and sometimes just a simple laugh.

Terms Submitting Realistified Drawings
If you submit your drawing for an episode of Realistified you automatically state you have no legal ownership over the finished artwork it's being turned into. Benny is allowed to post, sell and distribute items containing the new design. The original drawing's design remains yours at all times.