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Frequently asked questions.

  • Are you available for freelance Photoshop/design work?
    Every now and then I take on projects that are in line with my style and vision. If you believe your project is special, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm always open to collaborating with brands.
  • Can I buy your Star Wars™ poster or wallpaper designs?
    Selling fan-art or other artwork containing elements from IP's like Star Wars™ is not legal. Therefore I sadly can't sell physical prints or digital downloads.
  • Do you use any kind of pen tablet for your digital artwork?
    I do not. After having tried multiple different devices I still prefer using a mouse. As unpopular as this opinion is, I simply can't get used to it. Besides, overtime I've become very efficient in my use of a mouse.
  • Do you edit your own YouTube videos? And what software do you use?
    Ever since I started I've been editing my own YouTube videos. I use both Adobe™ Premiere Pro and Adobe™ After Effects to edit my YouTube videos.
  • Do you have an online Photoshop course I can follow?
    Currently there is no Photoshop course available from Benny Productions. No concrete plans have been made yet, but there has been talk about it.
  • Will there be any tutorials on a/your YouTube channel?
    No. My content is focussed on entertainment and is not meant as educational content. I simply mean to give you a fun time and possibly inspire you to get into Photoshop or video editing yourself.
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