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Microworlds are exactly what you’d expect from the name “Microworlds”. They’re little chunks of landscapes, based on biomes, themes or other things like popular movie scenes or famous places. These artworks are part of a huge NFT collection that's being auctioned on

The idea behind Microworlds is nothing more than simply capturing the essence. I wanna translate the look and feel of the subjects I choose in a nice “cozy” way. I've always enjoyed things that are different. Out of the ordinary. Where usually I'd create ''normal'' composites, I now wanted to take things elsewhere. I wanted to try out a new way of displaying a landscape. That's how my Microworlds came to be.

Every week
I aim to post a Microworld every week. I hope to keep this series going for as long as I can, and have fun with it!


Who picks the theme?

Anyone can comment below Instagram posts requesting ideas, or you can send me a direct message on Instagram. However these requests are not leading. I'll pick themes based on what I think is a fitting addition to the series.

NFT Collection

The NFT community is growing rapidly. I saw this as an opening to start a new project. That project being this Microworlds series. It's a fantastic way for me to finally sell my digital art the way physical artists do.


A limited selection of Microworlds is being sold on

Community Microworlds

Community Microworlds are official installments made by other invited artists. They’re marked with an alternative boxed number in the left corner. It’s amazing to see how many different art styles there are, and by adding new artists to this project the variety in style becomes visible. The artists involved are always personally invited and will not be accepted by request.


Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll jump on this train with me to see where we might end up in the future!

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How are they made?

Some might expect these to be made with 3D software like Blender of Cinema4D. However, I like to keep things simple for myself. That's why I use only Adobe Photoshop for this project. It's a combination of drone photos, textures and other digital stock assets. In the YouTube video above you can see exactly how I go about making Microworlds.

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