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What are they?

''Realistified: Fantastic Creatures'' is a an NFT colletion containing trading cards of the Creatures responsible for making Benny's career what it is today. The notorious YouTube Photoshop series ''Realistified'' is all about bringing (kids')Drawings to life. These beasts are from different episodes of season one and are now available as fantasy trading cards.

Just like other trading cards they're all unique and have their own strengths, weaknesses and character. Some creatures are common, others are super rare. For example the Phoenix we all know and love is a legendary card in this collection. This has been a project in the works for quite some time. Season two is being worked on as we speak.

If you'd like to watch the episodes, click here!

NFT Collection

The NFT community is growing rapidly. I saw this as an opening to start yet another project. That project being Fantastic Creatures. It's a great way for me to finally sell my digital art the way physical artists do.


All trading cards are being sold/traded on

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll jump on this train with me to see where we might end up in the future!

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This video contains the first introduction of this NFT collection. Released on January 6th.

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