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July is all about the the dark ages, with a tad of fantasy! Join me in this month's adventure into the world of Knights and Castles. Join our monthly Photoshop battles in Medieval style, or simply watch the videos that will release this month. Everything will be Medieval themed to some degree. Watch the introduction video via the button above!


Every month there's a Photoshop battle going on on my YouTube channel, in which my subscribers edit a Photo provided by me. This can be a good quality edit, something dumb or anything in between. In these battles it doesn't matter what Photoshop skills you have. This is for everyone. There's no prizes, but the end of each month I'll make a video in which I react to what you  guys made. These Photoshop battles are connected to a theme, which is introduced in the first video of each month. Down below you can watch the introduction of this month: July - Medieval


June was all about the Extra Terrestrial. You guys made some absolutely crazy stuff using the photos I gave you. Some were extremely well edited, some were funny. It's been a lot of fun to go through all the amazing creations, and I can't wait for next month!



This month there's just one photo to use for this battle. You can download it here:



There's a ridiculously small number of rules when it comes to these Photoshop battles. To be sure, here I have a short list for you:

1. Use at least one of the provided photos

2. Keep it in line with the current theme

3. No more than one entry allowed

4. No offensive/sexual content allowed


Once the introduction video has been launched, you have about two or three weeks to create and submit your artwork and have a possibility of seeing your edit in the reaction video. This month the deadline is:



Once you're satisfied with what you've made, it's time to submit your edit. All you gotta do is go to and post your artwork on this subreddit page. Make sure to add the flair with that month's theme, so I can easily find your work.


Down below you can see some of my favorite edits you guys made for previous Photoshop battles. Wanna be featured on the Hall of Fame? Participate and who knows!